Talon from LoL in jungle is “cool”, but players are asking for him to be brought back to mid lane

Should Talon go back to mid lane? This is exactly what the players are asking for.

Due to the low popularity of one of the most demanding roles in LoL – the jungle, Riot decided to move some of the heroes there. We could see both Zed and Darius there, or Rumble or even Morgana who was really strong back in the day.

Now there is one midlaner who definitely prefers to be a jungler. We are talking about Talon, who currently, instead of eliminating enemies on the second level, prefers to finish the golem. The players don’t quite like it.

Should Talon go back to mid lane?

If we ask players about a hero who is really strong in the early game, Talon will probably appear in a conversation often. He can eliminate a careless opponent on the second level. The scare of MID has moved to the forest, where he currently dominates, and according to the website is in tier 1.

Although players of paper midlaners can finally catch a breath, they are also living in the fear that Talon will suddenly jump out of behind a wall, which is not the most pleasant thing. Additionally, the character was created as the midlaner, and Riot’s premise was that he would only be played in the jungle occasionally. However, it is not so now.

Why is he not so often played on mid anymore? Talon has a problem cleaning minion waves. In order to eliminate the back wave, we need a mythical item, a long sword, and a maxed W. Therefore, we need to spend a lot more time cleaning the waves, and his roaming potential decreases drastically.

Now comes a little problem. This one is more than 5 times more likely to be chosen for the jungle. This means that Riot has to balance him in this role in order not to accidentally overdo it. Is there a chance he will go back to the middle? It all depends on the developers. However, it is worth paying attention to characters such as Ziggs or Swain, who were originally also played in mid, and eventually found use in other roles.