Splash art of Karma’s long-discontinued League of Legends skin revealed

A graphic of Bladestorm Karma has leaked onto the web. The skin was withdrawn long ago. What was it supposed to look like?

Not all cosmetic add-ons created by Riot eventually go on sale. Sometimes it happens that developers withdraw some designs because they turned out to be wrong. Usually, the community doesn’t even know about it, because production is discontinued at a fairly early stage. However, this does not mean that there have not been situations in which previously announced skins have been withdrawn. A good example is Sewn Chaos Amumu and Blitzcrank. Some players surely remember their presentations and the fact that the skins eventually never made it to the store.

Another such project was leaked online, which was canceled many years ago. Until today, fans of the heroine had no idea that they could have gotten such a skin. What did Bladestorm Karma look like?

Cancelled skin – Bladestorm Karma

A graphic has appeared on the French League of Legends account that shows a skin called Bladestorm Karma, which was withdrawn many years ago. The skin was designed a really long time ago, and probably today no one would even know about it if it weren’t for the entry, which was supposedly a slip-up. Of course, nothing dies on the Internet, so fans quickly snapped screenshots and saved a splash artt of the said skin.

This is what Bladestorm Karma looks like:

You can see by the graphics that they were created many years ago and are far from today’s standards in League of Legends. In the comments, many players laugh that Riot once again uploaded something “by accident.” It’s hard to really know for what purpose the splash art shown above was published. However, it doesn’t change the fact that such posts make many LoL fans wonder how many other skins were cancelled and whether there were real gems among them.