Splash art of Azir’s latest skin, released to celebrate the 2022 World Cup in League of Legends, has been revealed

The developers have revealed splash art of the skin released to celebrate this year’s League of Legends Worlds. How does it look?

A few days ago there was a leak that said that the hero who would get the World Cup 2022 skin from LoL would be Azir. Quite quickly it was confirmed that the leaks were true and Riot presented players with a model of the hero with the new skin.

Splash was not immediately known. It was revealed only now. What does it look like?

Splash art of the new Azir skin

The newest skin for Azir (more interestingly – the second one related to e-sports. The first one he received in 2016 and it was SKT T1) will cost 1350 RP and will have 4 different chromas (presentation below).

Splash art looks as follows:

Splash art

In-game presentation



From comments on YouTube, among others, it seems that many players don’t particularly like the new skin, because they associate it too strongly with the Pulsefire series or others that have cybernetic themes.

In fact, the latest skin deviates quite a bit from the Worlds tradition, which usually kept cosmetic add-ons in similar colors and styles.