Ashen Knight Sylas disappointed players in LoL. They expected a character from Dark Souls, and out came another stripper.

The new skin for Silas doesn’t exactly please players who were hoping for full armor.

In today’s update to League of Legends, a batch of new skins hit the official servers. This included the one for Sylas from the Ashen Knight series. However, Riot did not listen to fan feedback.

The character appeared in the standard look, that is, shirtless. Players expected a second Pyke in the series and were sadly disappointed.

Ashen Knight Sylas

Ashen Knight, is a series of skins for League of Legends, the appearance of which resembles armor from the popular RPG Dark Souls. A great example of a well-made skin here can be Pyke. It is this hero that the community mentions as a properly made skin.

However, when it comes to the latest Silas, things are a bit different. Riot Games decided to leave his bare chest out, which doesn’t match the theme. This was already heavily discussed during the launch of Pantheon. His mains protested, but they failed to influence the change. Riot decided not to take the voices to heart even when creating the next skin.

Now a post from a frustrated player has appeared on the largest social forum for League of Legends players. In it, he described the whole situation and asked for a small protest and reaction on social media. The topic quickly became popular, and now more than 3,500 people have already plussed it.

Will this do anything? It is unlikely that the developers will change Silas again, just as they did not change Pantheon. However, perhaps they will think about the next skin in the series from this point of view.