Riot is introducing more information to League of Legends player profiles. Honor restrictions and more

It will be possible to see chat or honor restrictions imposed on the account.

Toxic and inappropriate behavior of League of Legends players is a huge problem of the said game. The fact that the LoL community is not a pleasant one has been talked about practically forever. Riot is trying to do something about it, although the solutions introduced do not always turn out to be helpful. Bind many people deliberately spoil gameplay, annoy allies and provoke arguments in the in-game chat.

After each match, players can report toxic people or those who have left the game, been AFK, or supported opponents, such as by dying on purpose. In theory, people receiving many such reports should be punished accordingly.

The developers want to introduce better and better systems that will detect inappropriate behavior that destroys the enjoyment of the game. Besides, the restrictions imposed on the player will now be visible in a few places.

Visibility of restrictions imposed on players

While reporting on the changes that the 12.17 update introduces, the developers commented on the improved detection of intentional dying in games, which is considered to be helping the opposing team and can even result in a permaban.

Over the last 8 months since we released our new feeding detection model, we have gained the confidence that allows us to make significant adjustments to what we detect as intentional feeding. We expect an increase in detections and punishments of over 2x. (Reminder that punishments for intentional feeding are a 14-day ban for the first transgression, and a permanent ban for the second.)

In addition, it was reported that the restrictions imposed on the account will be visible both in the lobby and located on the player’s profile page.

Chat restrictions will be visible on the lobbies screen for yourself and any party members, as well as on individual profile pages.

Honor restrictions applied to your account will be visible on your profile page with a lock icon and tooltip.