Pantheon romance and more – strange questions from Riot’s survey that players received

Fans of League of Legends have noticed that a new survey from the developers contains some rather strange content.

Surveys are something common on the Internet, as they are a great way to gather information or opinions from a specific group of people. In Riot’s case, of course, these are fans of games such as League of Legends, Wild Rift, TFT, Legends of Runeterra, and Valorant. The developers regularly asked players various questions, including ones about gameplay impressions, satisfaction with the current season, balance, and so on.

One of Riot’s latest surveys turned out to be somewhat disturbing. Some players, of course, weren’t even interested in it, so they probably didn’t read into the various questions, but those who did, noticed that there happens to be some really strange content there. What exactly?

Questions from a new survey from Riot

A new survey from the makers of LoL got popular after one player wrote on Reddit that the makers of League of Legends were asking him about Pantheon’s romances. This sounds rather absurd and at first glance seems like a joke. However, such questions actually appeared in the aforementioned survey.

While in theory dating Pantheon doesn’t seem particularly bad, as he is a well-built adult male, some characters known from Summoner’s Rift don’t quite fit the bill as potential partner material – even if we are talking about fictional relationships.

There’s no denying that many fans would actually want to date some League of Legends characters if they existed in the real world (just to name a few of the most popular examples, such as Ahri, Lux, Kai’Sa, Miss Fortune, Sett, Rakan or Viego), but there are some characters with whom dating seems to be strongly out of place.

One player reported that he had received questions related to Zoe, who, although story-wise is several thousand years old, she acts and looks like a little girl. Answering whether one would like to date her was awkward.

Another LoL fan showed a screenshot in which Riot asked if he would like to have a romance with Anivia, who as we know – is an ice phoenix, so she doesn’t even resemble a human.

The community commented in style:

This is too much.
I closed the survey link when I realized how strange it was.

In addition to the romance question, you could find others, such as friendship or identifying with a character.