Spirit Blossom series will return to LoL? Leak of the new event and skins for Akali and Nami

According to the latest leaks from League of Legends, new Spirit Blossom skins will appear later this year.

Spirit Blossom is an incredibly distinctive series of skins with a specific vibe – it’s no wonder so many players love it. It’s been a while since the Spirit Blossom event took place. The last time it happened was during the holiday season with Lillia (July 22, 2020) and Yone’s (August 6, 2020) premieres.

Many LoL fans sincerely hoped that Riot would continue the Spirit Blossom universe and that there would be more events over time in a similar style to the 2020 holiday event.

It turns out that the creators did not abandon the theme of Spirit Blossom. On the contrary – there is a chance that it will come back this year. What is known about this?

Spirit Blossom event leak

Big Bad Bear – a leaker known in the League of Legends community – announced that the wildly popular Spirit Blossom theme will probably return to the game soon.

According to the leaker, the Spirit Blossom series will appear in both LoL on PC and Wild Rift. Of course, this is not 100% confirmed, but leaks show that players will receive two new skins – the legendary Spirit Blossom Akali and the epic Spirit Blossom Nami.

LoL PC players shouldn’t look forward to it, however, as in the words of Big Bad Bear, Akali is likely to be an exclusive skin only for Wild Rift. In the case of Nami, there is no such information – there is a chance that she will appear in both versions of the game.

The fan-driven concept of the Spirit Blossom Akali skin by @emriikun

Leaker wrote down what events may appear in future LoL updates:

  • 12.19 – Spirit Blossom,
  • 12.20 – Trick or Treat (Halloween event),
  • 12.21 – Music Beat universe.

As patch 12.19 will be released around the League of Legends World Cup, Big Bad Bear says the Spirit Blossom event will be linked to Worlds 2022.