Riot shows Naafiri from League of Legends in the latest trailer. How does she look?

What does Naafiri – the next character to appear in League of Legends – look like?

The new heroine Naafiri, who will lead a pack of wolves, has been known for some time. However, Riot didn’t share much information, showing only Darkian Dagger in the first graphic, which was a teaser, and then informing that she will be an assassin who will be best found in the middle lane.

Now comes the two-minute trailer, which shows in detail what the new character will be. How does it look and what can you infer from it?

Hounds of Iron

Players can finally watch the cinematic that is the trailer for Naafiri. The character was supposed to appear in spring 2023, but Riot had to delay her release a bit. She will be the fourth Darkin in the League of Legends universe. The trailer shows a pack of dogs, which will most likely be led during the gameplay.


Players are impressed not only by the visual elements but also by the lines spoken by the character.

The lone hunter starves. That… makes them prey. But even prey… can make a choice. Either give up, or give chase. Alonie, I starved. But together? We feast!

The trailer shows Riot’s very interesting approach to the design of the protagonist, which will not be a single wolf, but a whole pack. At this point, however, we have to wait to find out whether the group will be able to split up or will have to stay together.

Although Naafiri has not yet appeared in the 13.13 update on the PBE, she will most likely be there within the next two weeks. This means that players will be able to play her on test servers later this month, and by mid-July, she will already be available on the EUNE and other regions.