Riot reveals Ahri’s rework that would make the character “fun to play” again

A tiny rework of Ahri’s abilities – a completely revamped passive ability and a refreshed ultimate.

Some time ago, LoL players could learn about the plans that the developers had for Ahri – one of the most iconic characters in the game (LoL’s devs are working on Ahri. When may the exact description of the fixes be released, and what goal is Riot trying to achieve?).

Despite her popularity, her skill set is really old now, and the character is not doing as well as the designers would like her to. Now players can find out what exactly the developers are planning to change.

Upcoming Ahri Changes

As of update 12.3, the Essence Theft passive will allow you to collect “essence fragments” from enemy minions and neutral minions. After collecting 9 fragments, Ahri will heal for 40-120 HP + 25% of her AP. The heroine will also heal herself when she takes part in the elimination of an enemy champion.

Ahri’s refresh also includes changes to her ultimate that add a reset mechanic to it, which in turn increases the possibilities when it comes to mobility. Spirit Rush will gain a stack and extended duration when Ahri consumes an enemy champion’s essence with a passive ability.

Apart from that, other skills such as Q, W, and E have been improved. Below you can find the full list of changes. In addition, Ahri will receive a visual and audio update that will affect all skins of the heroine. Her update will be introduced with patch 12.3, which will be released on live servers on February 2.


  • Fox-Fire (W)
    • Damage increased from 40-140 to 60-160
    • Mana cost lowered from 45 to 25
    • Flame duration lowered from 5 seconds to 2.5 seconds
    • Movement speed bonus duration increased from 1.5 seconds to 2 seconds
    • Updated last hitting logic and improved VFX
  • Spirit Rush (R)
    • Duration increased from 10 to 15 seconds
    • NEW: Consuming Champion Essence with Essence Theft’s passive ability while Spirit Rush is active extends the recast time to 10 seconds and adds another stack (maximum 3 stacks can be held)
    • Fixed VFX and added stack counter


  • Base stats
    • Base health lowered from 526 to 480
    • Health per level lowered from 92 to 82
    • Armor lowered from 21 to 18
  • Orb of Deception (Q)
    • Mana cost changed from 65-85 to 60-100

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  • Essence Theft (P)
    • Killing a minion or a neutral creature gives Ahri a fragment of the essence. After collecting 9 fragments, the heroine consumes them to heal herself for 40-120 (+ 25% AP) HP. When Ahri is involved in a kill, she heals for 80-200 (+ 35% AP).
    • New VFX and SFX for all skins.
  • Charm (E)
    • Damage increased from 60-180 (+ 40% AP) to 80-200 (+ 60% AP)
    • Mana cost lowered from 70 to 50
    • REMOVED: No longer increases target damage by 20%