Riot Phreak on the current situation of shooters in LoL. Are ADCs currently OP and need nerfs?

Do LoL shooters need weakening? This is what one Rioter said about them.

There are frequent problems with shooters in League of Legends. Once they can be really strong and seem to be the best role in the current meta, other times it turns out that a regular support is able to solo them. It can be really different and the developers often have a problem with the right balance.

One of Riot’s employees touched on the current situation of ADCs in the game. The statement quickly reached a wider audience and was commented on by fans of the title on Reddit, among others. What follows from the words of the studio employee? Do players agree with them?

ADC situation in League of Legends

During one of the streams, Riot Phreak touched on the current state of shooters in League of Legends and how recent buffs have affected them. Rioter admitted that ADCs need to be properly weakened:

It seems to me that making it more enjoyable for a designer to make playing with or against a given champion, while not directly affecting his power, is a really valuable skill. It’s really easy to make the game enjoyable by simply giving the hero more damage, but then you pay for it at the expense of the overall power budget.

This can be compared to the situation where in the 13.1B update I strengthened about 80 ADCs, who were not significantly different from the rest, but playing them was unpleasant. Shooters will have to be weakened – we want to make the power level return to its place, and satisfaction will remain at the right level.

Phreak pointed out that the strength of the shooters is due to changes to Infinity Edge, Bloodthirster, and Navori Quickblades, among others, which were buffed in the update he mentioned.

The community commented on Rioter’s statement on Reddit. One player wrote:

What should we expect? Item nerfs? Champion nerfs? I’m surprised by his generalisation, as really CRIT ADCs are what’s OP right now. Xayah, Draven ecc

On-Hit has been kind of a meme for a while, with the exception of Varus, but even he goes Half Crit/Lethality often

It would be nice if Rageblade was looked at OR we got a good on-Hit Mythic since Kraken doesn’t really fill the spot for On-Hits.