New content related to Faerie Court event in League of Legends

What is the look of the content that will come to LoL with the next event?

Some time ago, the appearance of several new skins was shown, which will go to, among others, Katarina (she will also get a prestige edition), Karma (who will get a legendary), and Fiora, Seraphine, Ezreal or the newest support in the game – Milio. It is, of course, about the Faerie Court series, whose main theme is fairies. The skins can be viewed here: Faerie Court Skins in LoL. They are given to Karma, Kalista, Fiora, Ezreal, Seraphine, Milio, and Katarina.

In addition to the skins, an event with this theme will also come to the game, which, as always, will have its own orbs, tokens, and bags of miscellaneous items. What do the different elements of the event store look like?

Faerie Court event content

Graphics have appeared online, showing the appearance of orbs, bags, or tokens associated with the event celebrating the release of a new line of skins – Faerie Court. The items are styled in the same way as the aforementioned skins, so they feature various references to fairies.

According to the information made available, the event should start on March 23, 2023, but as fans noted – on PBE it was accidentally set for October 6, 2022.

As for the end of the event, it is set for April 24, 2023, while tokens will be issued until May 1, 2023.

The community also noted that the entire event bears an uncanny resemblance to Lunar Revel.

The event store is basically a copied store from Lunar Revel with a few details.
This only underscores how Faerie Court was never planned as an event.