Riot releases further nerfs of Yuumi, the newly revamped League of Legends heroine

Yuumi proved too strong after the rework. Riot releases hotfixes that weaken her.

Yuumi is a character that has become really famous recently. Riot does not often so emphatically change the skill set in a character who is popular. However, the character was problematic – initially designed with fresh players in mind, she found herself best in higher divisions, where her potential was better used.

Riot decided to make changes that would finally make the heroine live up to her design, while not disappointing players who had grown accustomed to her current skill set. The update has already appeared on the live servers, and the fixes have made Yuumi perform really well.

Yuumi’s rapid nerfs

According to a statement from one of the Rioters, Yuumi is doing far too well when she maxes out her Q first. Minor nerfs have been issued to normalize the situation. It hasn’t been long since the minirework, but the character has already reached a 30% ban rate in high elo and is winning 50% of games.

  • Improved Q damage reduced from 80-380 (+35% AP) to 80-355 (+35% AP).
  • Slowdown reduced from 55-80% to 50-65%

Riot reduced the damage of the enhanced ability, and on top of that, the value of the applied slowdown was slightly lowered. Riot Phroxzon continued by saying that the team is looking at other areas of the heroine for nerfs, as she turned out to be a really strong character after the rework. Among other things mentioned, there were changes to the best friend mechanic, which is assigned to a passive ability and lowers the strength of the super ability.

We’ll continue to followup to hit devblog goals. She’s released too strong. We’re looking at Q hittability, R outputs (anti-burst too strong).

We’re also looking at clarity and satisfaction for Best Friend. We don’t want Yuumi to feel like she needs to hop on/off to optimize Best Friend.

The aforementioned changes can already be tested on live servers. Additional weaknesses will most likely appear in the next update, which is scheduled for March 22.