Riot is working on patching some chromas for Ahri. What exactly will change?

The creators informed that they slightly improved the colors of individual Ahri skins.

Ahri is one of the most popular heroines of League of Legends. It’s not even that she is particularly popular in games, but that she is a LoL character who is a favorite of artists and cosplayers. Thousands of fanarts, a lot of great cosplays, fan figures, skins, and other gadgets were created with her in mind. The creators officially released several heroine statuettes and various accessories with the K/DA theme – the band that Ahri is the founder of.

Not everyone knows, but the character celebrates her 10th birthday this year because she appeared on Summoner’s Rift on December 14, 2011. It is true that not every 10th anniversary is celebrated in a grand way and you can even say that Riot forgets about some champions. However, Ahri is so characteristic and well-liked that something special has been prepared for her birthday.

Ahri’s chromas skin fixes

The creators are trying very hard to make the 10th birthday of the favorite female fox an unforgettable event. Some time ago, the icons and emotes created for this occasion were shown, which can be seen here: Chromas, icons and emotes related to the latest skins from the Cafe Cuties series and more. Of course, this is not the end of birthday attractions, because new chromas will also appear among the accessories.

It has been announced that Ahri’s skin livery will be getting some fixes to make them look better in-game.

  • Coven skin chroma: texture fixes on the tails and skull.

  • Academy skin chroma: add more shadows on the tails and change the color of the ears to black.

  • Spirit Blossom skin chroma: changed hair color to dark and tails color to blue, improved yokai form.

  • K/DA chroma: Tail color changed from purple to bluish.

  • K/DA ALL OUT chroma: Changed the color of the tail to have a pinkish glow instead of blue.

The fans of the heroine are happy that Riot pays so much attention to her and does not forget about her 10th birthday. Unfortunately, many people regret that the creators did not focus so much on other characters who celebrated their tenth anniversary in 2021.