Patch 11.24 for LoL has been postponed an additional week, but a micro patch is coming today

Riot Games is postponing Update 11.24 an entire week.

League of Legends developers have decided that update 11.24 will be postponed from November 24 to December 8. All thanks to the upcoming Thanksgiving, which will take place on November 25.

According to the announcement, this will be the last patch marked with the number 11, and each new patch will have the prefix 12, meaning the next season and the next year of the game.

Patch 11.24 postponed

The Rioters have informed the LoL community that we will not introduce the biweekly update this month. Instead, a patch will be rolled out to the official servers to slightly change the highly controversial objective bounties.

However, players are worried about the rest of the game. Following the change in pre-season 11.23, two new dragons and some cool items have been added to League. These, however, according to the community, are definitely exaggerated, especially when it comes to Axiom Arc.

This item allows you to shorten the cooldown of your ultimate by as much as 25% if the target you are attacking dies within 3 seconds of dealing damage to him. While it doesn’t look bad on paper, it’s a bit different in practice:


Two Nocturne ults in one team fight aren’t very cool, and it’s hardly surprising for players to be complaining about it terribly. However, whether or not Riot decides to nerf it, it won’t in November.