LoL players show what a Viktor skin could look like to show his real face

One of the players has designed 4 new skins for Viktor. Which one turned out best?

On Saturday, the final act of Arcane season one was aired. The animated series from LoL turned out to be a huge hit that practically everyone is talking about today. The heroes of Summoner’s Rift who appeared on the screen gained a large group of fans. Among the characters that shone the most was Viktor. According to many, he was the most interesting person in the entire series. The story of the scientist has caught the heart of many viewers.

Viktor is a hero who appeared in League of Legends on December 29, 2011, almost 10 years ago. For a very long time, no one knew his real face, so it was quite an event to show him in Arcane as a human being.

For some time now, League of Legends has been in the trend for skins that represent the human form of heroes. The game features skins such as Spirit Blossom Kindred and Arcana Xerath, and some cosmetic accessories reveal the human appearance of the hero during recall/specific abilities – a good example is the PROJECT series.

Many fans felt that Riot could release a skin for Viktor that shows his true face. It wouldn’t necessarily be an Arcane-related skin, although one would definitely be warmly welcomed by players.

Ideas for skins for Viktor

One of the fans has prepared 4 skin ideas for the mentioned hero. The player named Cenori is a great fan of Viktor. He has all his skins, and he probably wants Riot to release something new – perhaps representing a champion in human form?

Among the fan ideas, there was a skin referring to Arcane. Fans wish Riot had made such a skin, even though several heroes got it – Jayce, Vi, Caitlyn, and Jinx.

Other ideas are related to the famous series from League of Legends. What do they look like?

It is worth mentioning that Viktor currently only has 5 skins, and the last of them – PsyOps Viktor – appeared on September 17, 2020.