Exceptional result of a match in LoL. Both teams agreed to the race, the loser FFs

The League of Legends community can still surprise after these many years.

In LoL, abstract situations happen every day that most players will never know. Much of the community plays only to win as many games as possible, looking for nothing else. Meanwhile, one of the Reddit users shared with players his rather unusual ending to the match.

Both teams agreed to the race, each had its representatives. Rammus was on one side and Udyr on the other. The idea was to get from one end of the map to the other as quickly as possible.

Atypical end of the match

In this case, the stake was a win. In the 30th minute both characters took off, and everyone agreed that the losing team forfeits.


And that’s exactly what happened, the losers gave up the match. It is a pity that there will be no such initiatives in a moment. Riot is still planning to disable general chat, making it impossible to agree with the opposing team on similar ideas.

These types of things will disappear forever. Unless players find some other way to communicate with each other, such as warding a certain spot, using specific emotes, etc.