Has Arcane changed the meta in League of Legends? Which of the heroes is the most popular right now?

How much has the pick rate of the heroes who appeared in the Arcane series changed?

Yesterday, the last three episodes of the League of Legends animated series were aired. The third act of the title ended the first season of the series. The ending didn’t close many threads, so this is the perfect opportunity to clear them up next season.

Today, many players actively comment on the events presented on the screen, exchange views on which hero performed best and who would be nice to see in the second season. It cannot be denied that some of the characters from the series gained a huge crowd of fans, although before the release of Arcane, hardly anyone remembered about them. A good example is Viktor, who has turned from a niche hero to a favorite of a large part of the audience.

How is the hero pick rate after the premiere of Act 3 of the series? Who gained the most popularity on Summoner’s Rift?

The popularity of the Arcane heroes

A while ago, articles appeared that showed that Vi and Jinx’s popularity suddenly soared after the first act of Arcane. This was especially noticeable for Vi, who gained more than a threefold pick rate. It was probably also important that Riot released quests from which you could get some Arcane heroes for free along with a skin that represents their appearance from the series (for now you can unlock Jayce and Vi, but Caitlyn and Jinx will also be coming soon).

Today it’s safe to say that the show made a big impact on the meta, and some are already complaining that they see Jinx, Caitlyn or Jayce in almost every game.

How does it look in terms of statistics? These may surprise Caitlyn’s Platinum + pick rate is almost 28%, according to Such a huge selection factor makes it the most popular ADC in the game. Jinx, which is picked by 20.32% of the games, ranks 3rd in the shooter popularity ranking, followed by Jhin.

A huge increase in popularity can be seen in Jayce, whose pick rate has more than doubled – today it is 12.4% in the top lane in the Platinum + divisions. Viktor also recorded an impressive, albeit slightly smaller, increase with a pick rate of over 8%.

The table compares the heroes’ pick rate from patch 11.21 to the current score.

Champion Pick rate before Arcane Current pick rate
Caitlyn 11,57% 27,58%
Ekko (Jungle) 9.4% 8,01%
Ekko (Mid) 3.09% 2,97%
Heimerdinger (Top) 0,79% 0,86%
Heimerdinger (Mid) 0.49% 0,58%
Jayce 4.84% 12,40%
Jinx 11.80% 20,32%
Singed 1.83% 2.5%
Vi 2,55% 9,65%
Viktor 3,44% 8,07%

What does it look like in the case of supporting characters? The fact that the main characters gained popularity is not particularly surprising, but it is also worth paying attention to those who appeared on the screen a little less often (although they also played an important role in the plot). A good example is Singed, who only uttered a few sentences during the first 2 acts.

Even so, you can see that his popularity has also increased. He and Heimerdinger were the least picked heroes of the entire group of champions to show up in Arcane. It is true that in the case of Heimer the jump in popularity is not as impressive as in the case of Vi or Jayce, but you can see that a bit more players are interested in him.