Separate splash art for skins’ chromas from LoL. How does it look on the Chinese server?

In China, chromas may have their own splash art. How does it look like?

Skins in League of Legends are not only changed models in the game but also great splash art. It often happens that someone decides to buy a skin because splash art made a huge impression on him and he just fell in love with the new version of a given character. Older skins get a new lease of life as Riot refreshes their art.

What does this look like with chromas? Should they have their own splashes, or is this an unnecessary fancy?

Lee Sin’s chromas’ splashes

Lee Sin is an incredibly popular character on the Chinese League of Legends server. One of the hero’s skins – Dragon’s Fist – refers to the famous actor, director, master, and martial arts instructor – Bruce Lee. Probably some people have heard about him because today films with his participation are considered a cult.

The Dragon’s Fist Lee Sin skin was released on January 10, 2012, and costs 975 RP. Although almost 10 years have passed since its premiere, it is still the favorite skin of many Chinese players.

However, not everyone plays using his basic version. Some people prefer chromas, which change both the hero’s outfit and the color of his hair or glasses.

It might seem that there is nothing extraordinary about it but properly drawn skin colors look as if they were completely different skins. In the case of the Pearl chroma, you can even confuse it with the Prestidge edition.

Below is the splash art of Lee Sin’s Dragon Fist with Chromic Pearl that appears in the Chinese version of the game.

The author of this splash is Lion song, an artist from China.

It must be admitted that it looks really good and it’s hard to believe that it’s just an additional color to the old skin.

Here are some other examples that also look pretty good:

Would such a thing work in other countries? It’s hard to say because most of the world doesn’t have such iconic heroes who refer to society’s favorite actors or other important personalities. The fact is, however, that some chromas are bought more often than others, such as Ahri Pop Star in Pearl chroma. In this case, the popularity was so great that the color has its own fan arts and cosplays.