It took less than 48 hours for Riot to weaken LoL’s “Objective Bounties”. What changed?

Riot Games patches the most controversial change in preseason 2022.

A few days ago, a new option was added to the official League of Legends servers, allowing the losing team to return to the game. It turned out, however, that instead of reducing the loss, it completely eliminated the chances for it or even allowed to gain an enormous advantage over the team that was… winning.

After a huge wave of criticism, the developers decided to change it, and tonight “Objective bounties” has been changed. How do they work now?

Bonus gold changes

One of the most controversial changes to League of Legends this preseason is neither dragons nor new items. While these also receive mixed opinions, the bonus gold for the losing team receives the most criticism.

If you don’t know anything about it yet, it works like this:

Objective Bounties are another way for losing teams to get back into the game, in addition to Champion Bounties. They grant extra gold rewards for taking objectives when a team is far behind, and are designed to be hard to claim—but not impossible! We still want the winning team’s leads to matter, so losing teams will have to capture multiple objectives in order to cash out, because a single bounty won’t pay out very much. We hope that Objective Bounties will allow you to execute big brain strats to equalize the game, rather than having to wait around to capitalize on your opponent’s mistakes.

Objective Bounties activate only when a team is sufficiently behind and objectives that’ll pay out bounties are highlighted on the minimap for both teams. If the losing team takes an objective with an active bounty, each of its members will receive Objective Bounty gold.

It quickly turned out that it did not work, and the bonus gold was given to the team that still had an advantage or a disadvantage so small that thanks to the bonuses, they took the lead. You can read more in this article: Opposing teams in LoL win and get 3,000 gold. Something went wrong, Riot is asking for help

Now it has been announced that this has been changed and the patch has hit the official servers. While the system still exists, it should function much better. According to Riot Phroxzon, this now works like this:

Will it change anything? We’ll find out in the next few days. It is certain, however, that Riot will not give up on it so easily.