How to virtually secure your LoL win? 91% winrate must have caught Riot’s attention

How to have a 90% or more chance of winning?

Currently, two new dragons have been added to League of Legends, one of them opens portals on the map and gives a Statik effect when attacked, while the other provides “re-life” and invisibility in certain areas if we have their souls.

Riot has repeatedly emphasized that in case one of the dragons is too strong, you can expect fast nerfs. Looking at the statistics, it’s hard not to conclude that the developers are already considering nerfs.

Which dragon is worth getting?

Probably everyone knows how important dragons are. Their souls, i.e. 4 dragons eliminated by one team, give a lot, especially if they are collected early in the game. Now, however, two more have been added in the preseason that players say is even stronger.

We are mainly talking about a chemtech dragon, which gives our team a second chance, i.e. a free Sion passive with the ability to use all summoners and skills for a few seconds.

After killing him, your team will receive increased damage with low health, which will allow you to make up for losses in even team fights. Dragon Soul provides a second chance at life… sort of. After death, the hero goes into the “zombie state”. He can still use skills and take part in combat instead of being stuck in a gray screen. As the dragon distorts the map, it creates camouflage zones in designated areas.

What does it mean? That after defeating a strong opponent, such as Yasuo or Yone, he is able to revive, and when we do not have the key skills, simply defeat us.

As a result, a whole lot of unpleasant opinions have appeared on the Internet from the community, many of which believe that this is definitely an exaggeration. This is also shown by statistics from

Although each soul gives an over 80% chance of winning, chemtech soul is the strongest one, and once it’s won, it’s hard to lose a match. Remember, however, that this is not the only contribution of the dragon.

Usually, the drake is taken by the team with the advantage and the better prio, which also contributes to the win. All in all, if we want to win more matches now, we should pay a lot of attention to the bottom river monster.