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Riot is releasing a new skin for Galio, but PC players won’t be able to get it

Another unique skin will be added to the mobile version of the League, which cannot be obtained in regular LoL.

League of Legends: Wild Rift, or so-called “mobile LoL”, is a game that is constantly evolving. Riot invests a lot of resources in the title, which means that new heroes and skins regularly appear in it. While the characters are already known from the PC version of the game, the skins are often unique and created only for mobile devices.

Not long ago, Riot announced that, inter alia, Lux, Ezreal, and Sona will receive new skins from the Crystal Rose series. A lot of fans were really disappointed because it meant that cosmetics like this would no longer be coming to League on PC.

It didn’t take long for the developers to reveal another exclusive skin. This time it will be an addition to Galio from the Hexplorer series. What does the skin look like?

Hexplorer Galio in Wild Rift

The Hexplorer universe in League of Legends: Wild Rift has been around for a long time. The first skin in the series was Hexplorer Jax, which was announced on the occasion of the reveal of the first Battle Pass in the game. Almost a year has passed since this event, and the series has already grown. Today, the skin with this theme has several heroes.

It turns out that Galio will also join them. The splash art of the skin and its model in the game have already been revealed.

Splash art:

In-game presentation:


As you can see, the number of exclusive skins for Wild Rift is constantly growing and probably more skins will be revealed soon, which will never appear on Summoner’s Rift on PC.

Players are wondering when Riot will reveal the first hero unique to the mobile version. It was mentioned some time ago. While exclusive skins are not as controversial today as they were at the very beginning, the arrival of a champion that will not appear in the PC version would be a huge event.