This champion will be banned in LoL a lot? The players’ idea to make nerfs instead of buffs

There was a rather interesting situation in LoL in which players agree to ban one of the characters.

Several hours ago, Riot directly admitted that Zed receives nerfs due to his banning frequency. Not everyone looks at the statistics, so according to third parties, Zed is TOP 1 when it comes to bans.

Riot hesitated a bit, but it was finally admitted that Zed would actually be weakened due to his exclusion from the game.

And this gave players an idea, closely related to another character, who in update 12.2 will not receive nerfs, but buffs, despite the fact that many people are very irritated by it. Therefore, an idea arose.

Buff is a mistake?

It is officially known that in the patch marked as 12.2 Yone will be buffed. Riot wants to strengthen his Q because, as we read, it is the easiest element to counter.

Except that Yone himself, but also Yasuo, are also at the fore when it comes to receiving bans. And yet they get buffs anyway. Yasuo is the third most banned character in the game, while Yone ranks 5th. Above platinum, Yone moves up to 4th place.

So there was an idea in the minds of players to simply ban Yone more often – then he will be equal to Zed’s level and instead of a buff, he will get nerfs. At least in theory. Especially since there have been a lot of topics on Reddit about Boosting Yone being a mistake at the moment.

According to many sites, Yone’s winrate has increased. However, it is worth bearing in mind that Riot also replied that this is not entirely true. The increase here is due to the way in which the pages collect data and those presented in this particular post are not reflected in reality.