Riot is experimenting with Dr Mundo’s changes in LoL. He will be weaker late and stronger early

Dr Mundo will be changed. Rioter is testing new changes.

Dr. Mundo from the top lane isn’t seen very much these days. The hero’s success rate fluctuates around 50.5%, which is not a bad result. What’s worse, however, is that he is only selected in 2% of matches.

For this reason, Riot wants to change him a bit. This task was undertaken by one of the Rioters who shared the first “numbers” with the fans.

Mundo changes

Recently, a year has passed since League of Legends has a revamped self-proclaimed doctor from Zaun. Unfortunately, at the moment few players want to play him. The hero doesn’t have CCs and is weak in the early game.

Riot wants to change him and he will be improved soon. For now, however, Riot Twin Enso has asked the community for feedback on the changes he has come up with. Here they are:

  • P: Lose 7% current HP to gain 8% max HP -> Lose 3% current HP to gain 4% Max HP

  • P: Max HP Regen: 0.8-1.6% max HP per 5 seconds (linear progression) -> 0.5-2.25% (Non-linear progression, equal at level 11)

  • W: Always receive half your grey health, regardless of enemy hit

  • E Damage: 15-35 bonus ad + 25-45 missing health -> 4% max HP

  • E no longer instantly kills small monsters

  • E monster damage: 200% ->250%

  • R bonus AD removed

  • R missing health as max HP: 8-15% -> 15-25%

At the moment, it is not known when the changes will come into force and whether it will be in this form. These are early thoughts, and that means things can still change.