Riot hasn’t been adding new features to the LoL client for over 7 months, but is still working on them

A Riot employee revealed what the team working on the League of Legends client is currently doing.

Probably everyone has their own opinion about the League of Legends client. Some say it is bad, while others say it should be replaced with a newer model. It’s hard to find opinions on the internet from players who would be satisfied with it.

The last update was over 7 months ago when Riot decided to remove the frequently appearing “Skip Waiting for Stats” button. What are they currently working on?

Riot and the LoL client

There is often one opinion among LoL players that Riot should completely rewrite the game client. This one is bugged, often does not work, and some functions are outdated. However, the creators do not give up and are still working on it. One of the employees explained what the developers are focusing on.

As it turns out, they get to know the client code in order to react faster to errors and optimize it a bit in this respect.

This means that developers are currently focusing on the client code, and it takes a really long time. However, such a decision only confirms that the League of Legends community cannot count on a new client in the near future.