Riot has overreacted. Hours after the LoL update, Miss Fortune was weakened in a hurry

Riot decided to nerf Miss Fortune a few hours after buffing her.

Yesterday, the 17th patch of the season hit the official League of Legends servers. Once again, these were changes balancing gameplay for the World Championship, which will be played on the update marked 12.18.

However, it turns out that the shooter buffs were slightly exaggerated and this one was quickly nerfed after a few hours. What was decided to be changed?

Miss Fortune quick nerf

Among other things, the 12.17 update brought a Miss Fortune fix to League of Legends. Riot changed her “Q”, “W” and “E”. Not only damage but also use time, mana cost, and attack speed were increased. Players quickly took advantage of this, and her victory rate immediately jumped from 52% to over 54%. All this while more than doubling the selection rate.

League of Legends players did not enjoy the improved MF for long. This one was nerfed after only a few hours. This was informed by one of the employees on his Twitter.

The “W” skill has been corrected:

  • Bonus attack speed: 50/65/80/95/110% >>> 40/55/70/85/100%
  • Mana cost: 35 >>> 45

From the stats, one can conclude that it actually had an effect. At this point, the heroine’s Winrate settles at 51.5% with a popularity of 18.7%. On the other hand, the ban rate is 7.5%.