Riot has again failed to keep its word? LoL players complain that the developers promised to bring back the mode

The League of Legends community feels that the developers are once again unwilling to deliver on their promise.

Nexus Blitz fans are severely disappointed. They were hoping that their favorite mode would return with the second part of the Spirit Blossom skins, which were released on the occasion of the World Championship event. Unfortunately, this didn’t happen, and Riot again chose a mode that is in the game quite often.

Players are under the impression that it’s practically the same thing all the time in LoL – One for All, URF, and ARURF. Such repetitiveness has already become boring and more and more people are complaining about the quality of events in the League.

Those who have been following Riot’s announcements will remember that a few months ago the developers promised something to their community. Unfortunately, a lot of things indicate that they will not keep their word.

Will Nexus Blitz return?

Some time ago, Riot made a statement about the different modes in League of Legends. The topic of the popularity of each was touched upon. Various questions were answered, including those related to PvE modes such as Odyssey: Extraction and Star Guardian: Invasion, but also, interestingly, it was announced that work is underway on Nexus Blitz so that it will return in an improved state in 2022.

The developers then mentioned “several adjustments” to make the mode more interesting and popular on par with URF or One for All.

Nexus Blitz is also part of our current rotation, but the results from last year’s runs still put it behind URF, OFA, and Ultimate Spellbook, which is why we haven’t brought it back as frequently. This doesn’t mean Nexus Blitz is retiring, but we would like to make some adjustments—like bringing the current roster of events and rewards more in line with what makes game modes like OFA and URF so enticing—before bringing it back sometime in 2022.

Players recalled Riot’s words and started a discussion on the subject. One of them wrote:

Riot devs said Nexus Blitz is Coming Back “sometime in 2022” and It’s October. This article last year talked about how they are bringing back NB and yet there is no news of it ever hitting PBE.

Many fans admitted that they are really disappointed, but don’t feel surprised – this is not the first time Riot has not kept its word. Since the Nexus Blitz was not restored with the release of the Spirit Blossom skins, there’s a good chance that the mode won’t appear at all this year.

As has been well noted, it’s already the second half of October, and no one from the developers has mentioned that work on improving the mode has been completed. If that had happened, Nexus Blitz would probably have hit the test server, when the community could test it and give feedback on the changes.