LoL players are heavily criticizing the new censorship. Exactly what everyone expected is happening

LoL’s new behavioral system doesn’t work as it should. It mutes players for nothing.

Who would have expected, the addition to League of Legends, which is already on official servers, does not work as well as it was announced. The community hoped that this one would mute the real toxic players, but they were severely disappointed.

It turns out that mutes are falling even for, it would seem, stupid words. Instead of helping, it hinders gameplay.

Is the new addition a misfire?

Riot Games has been fighting toxicity in its flagship production for several years. However, it’s a virtually impossible task, until now. It has been decided that in the 12.20 update an interesting novelty will come to the game – improved censorship.

Zero-tolerance language will now be detected live and in-game. When detected, these messages will not be sent to other players, the offending player will be system muted, and all players will be notified.

With our growing confidence in feeding detection, we’re increasing the strictness of the model for high-level play in Ranked Solo/Duo. We’ll continue evaluating play in other queues and make adjustments as necessary.

Recently honored players will now be visible in the Add Friend and Friend Requests menus. We want to make sure it’s easy to keep playing with those players you’ve enjoyed playing with in the past! 

As you can see, trust in the system has exceeded the expectations of the developers. Strange actions are happening in the game and words are being censored that the system does not have to censor. This was reported by one player on Reddit and, as a result, his topics were quickly removed:

Developers do not understand what is toxicity and what is simple swearing. Because of this, there are still players circumventing censorship and writing what they want. Others instead have to agonize over constant muting, or adjust their vocabulary, to suit the new conditions. There are also words that mean something different in different languages. For example, German players can’t write “ACE” in their own language, because it alludes to the word “ass” and blocks communication.

Fortunately, a temporary ban has no consequences. The honor level does not drop, and the restriction is only for one game. Perhaps it will be constantly improved and in a few patches (or years) its condition will be way better.