New chromas, emotes and icons for the latest Empyrean skins from League of Legends

New cosmetic content related to the latest series of skins has appeared on the PBE server. What do the latest additions look like?

The new skin theme – Empyrean – has been announced for some time. Initially, according to leakers, it was called Neon Inferno and it was known that a skin from this series would be given to Pyke and Jhin. In time, leaks revealed that cosmetic additions with a new theme would also go to League of Legends’ newest hero, K’Sante. What’s more – a prestige edition was also prepared for the new champion.

The skins have hit the test server, so as always, players can see new cosmetic additions, such as chromas, icons, and emoticons. Each skin got a set of colors and two versions of icons. A new emoticon from K’Sante is also available on PBE.

What do the various items look like?

New cosmetic additions in LoL


Empyrean Jax
9 chromas
Empyrean Lux
9 chromas
Empyrean Zac
9 chromas
Empyrean Jhin
9 chromas
Empyrean Zed
9 chromas
Empyrean Pyke
9 chromas
Empyrean Vex
9 chromas




Totem skin