Riot has a plan for Jarvan. The character will undergo many changes, and Riot is already revealing what they should look like

The League of Legends community asked the devs about one of Jarvan IV’s abilities.

On the night of July 26-27, update 12.14 entered League of Legends. In the patch list, you can find buffs and debuffs on many heroes or items. Among them, you can find Jarvan IV’s buffs, namely changes in the conversion factors of his Q and E.

While the hero buff is pleasing to his fans, some of them wonder if there’s a chance to buff the E – Golden Aegis. Some players think that this skill is quite weak and does not give much satisfaction while playing.

What does Riot say? Is there a chance Jarvan will get another buff?

Will there be Jarvan’s W buffs?

Riot talked about Jarvan’s buffs in the patch notes for Patch 12.14:

Jarvan IV has been struggling in a world of extended combat duration and our last round of buffs in patch 12.12 didn’t aid the King as much as we had hoped. This time around we’re increasing his ability to make plays by increasing the uptime of his flag and drag combo. 

This is what the specific buffs look like:

  • Q — Dragon Strike
    • DAMAGE 90/130/170/210/250 (+120% bonus AD)  90/130/170/210/250 (+140% bonus AD)
  • E — Demacian Standard
    • COOLDOWN 12 seconds  12/11.5/11/10.5/10 seconds

One player asked if there was a chance that the hero would also receive buffs of his W – Golden Aegis. This question was answered by Riot Ray Yonggi:

As for why it’s not buffed; it’s likely a good opportunity in the future. In this case, E and Q were prioritized as they were identified as larger potential “wins” for the character. More E+Q combos with higher effectiveness were identified to be more satisfying and compelling in the short term.

I’m confident that if in the future Jarvan is slated for buffs W would be considered.

I’ll note I 100% agree that the spell is pretty sad as it is and we could do more to make it more satisfying.