Riot decided to completely delete it. Years later, it was revealed that they were creating such an animation

One artist revealed sketches he worked on a few years ago. Riot has abandoned the idea of interesting animation.

Many League of Legends fans will agree that the animated previews that Riot releases for events, songs, and so on are small works of art that impress with their quality and attention to detail. It is not uncommon for these types of animations to present an engaging story and scenes during which you feel goosebumps. League of Legends developers can design breathtaking videos, so the fact that some of the works are not released makes the community very sad.

One artist revealed that he had worked on a certain animation in the past, which was supposed to touch on the fate of the Summoner’s Rift’s famed heroine. Many regret that only sketches were left behind, and an interesting cinematic could have come out.

An unfinished project from LoL

Artist and animator Seung Eun Kim wrote on his Twitter profile that years ago he worked on a project for Riot Games. Unfortunately, the work was not completed, and the League of Legends creators abandoned the release of the animation, for which a mass of concept sketches had been created.

A lot of time passed, and the screenplay finally saw the light of day and made its way into the hands of LoL players. The posted sketches show dynamic fight scenes starring Riven.

Not only was the animation supposed to be full of action, but it would also be quite violent – this is especially evident from the frames with the bloodied heroine.

Riot eventually abandoned the project, and unfortunately, the animator does not reveal why this happened. In the comments, many players lamented that the animation was not released, and today one can only guess what the full storyline looked like.