Riot announces that remake changes will also come to ARAMs in League of Legends

The developers confirm that the revised remake will also appear on Howling Abyss.

Yesterday, an article appeared about the developers describing changes to the remake on Summoner’s Rift. The feature didn’t quite live up to players’ expectations, and sometimes even made a lot of trouble because it didn’t work as it should. Anyone who experienced trouble with it knows that it was incredibly frustrating.

Some time ago, Riot announced that the remake would be revamped and customized for the community. When the plans were finally realized and went into effect, players began to wonder if there was a chance that the feature would also make its way to ARAMs, which are very popular among fans.

There, the absence of one of the allies is also incredibly hurtful, and gameplay with a weakened squad is not only not fun, but almost always ends in defeat.

The developers have responded to the players on this subject. There is something to be happy about.

New remake rules on ARAM

First, it is worth recalling how the latest changes in the remake look:

  • Start time reduced from 3:00 to 1:30.
  • Window display length increased from 30 seconds to 90 seconds.

The modifications are intended to help make faster decisions about surrendering a match in which one of the teams has a weakened lineup. Moreover, the longer window display time is intended to prevent situations in which someone has not had time to vote.

One player asked the developers about ARAMs, a mode that has many devoted fans and is extremely popular. Unfortunately, there are also sometimes problems with players who have not joined the game, and competing in a weakened team is not a particularly pleasant experience.

How about activating it in aram ? Been asked since start.

Unranked fun mod ISNT FUN 4v5

Riot Auberaun wrote in a comment on Reddit:

These rules are coming to ARAM too, forgot to mention that.