Riot announces Blind Pick changes in League of Legends – new Quick Play queue

Team Builder will return to League of Legends? What does one Rioter say about the new queue?

There are several queues in League of Legends that you can join if you want to play. Leaving aside the division by the map and game modes, the most popular is Summoner’s Rift, where ranked and normal games take place. Ranked games are divided into Flex and Solo/Duo queues, while normals are divided into Blind Pick and Draft Pick.

Non-ranking queues differ in that in one of them you don’t select a role before the search begins, and players are responsible for selecting team positions after the team chat is created. Due to the fact that it was often chaotic, Blind Pick was not very popular. Riot decided to do something about it.

What will Riot do with Blind Pick?

Some are ranked players, while others want to have fun on ARAMs. Rioter Pupulasers, who is a game director whose role is to direct the team to better understand the game’s various target groups, has commented on queues in League of Legends. This time, the designers want to reach out to the more casual part of the community, which wants to be able to join the game quickly.

So an example of change coming up is Quick Play. Blind Pick is the least popular queue in League of Legends and it’s actually getting worse over time. We want to evolve that into Quick Play in order to give you guys what you want about Blind Pick in a better way.

So similar to the old Team Builder, we’re going to allow you to choose your favorite champion, and your favorite role and you’re guaranteed to get at least one of those in your next game. The Queue is going to pop, and you’re going to see which champion and role you got, and you will go right into the gameplay.

We’re excited about this and want to test it in a few regions in the coming months and see if you all like the direction. If you do, we will work with you to refine it and make sure it’s as good as possible in order to make your experience better.

So the developers will be working on a new queue that will combine elements from those that were most popular. Few fans currently want to go through the process of fumbling through the chat about who will go to which lane and the solution proposed by the designer sounds like a good compromise that many people would agree to.