Leaked game mode likely to appear in League of Legends to celebrate April Fool’s Day

Information has leaked about a new game mode that may be coming to LoL to celebrate April 1.

For many years, Riot has been celebrating April 1, the day of pranks, in a variety of ways. Usually less serious skins are released on this occasion, such as Meowkai, Draven Draven, Pug’Maw, and many more. There are also themed events held on the occasion of skin releases, such as Dogs vs Cats or Space Groove.

Not surprisingly, the community is wondering what will appear in League of Legends this year. Leaks indicate that the developers plan to release a new game mode. What is known about it?

April Fools’ Day game mode

There has been a lot of talk lately about a brand new type of 2v2v2v2 gameplay, which Riot has announced repeatedly. Some people believe that this is the mode that will appear in League of Legends on the occasion of April 1. However, nothing is confirmed.

The author of the SkinSpotlights channel reported that mysterious files related to the upcoming game mode have been added to PBE. Not much is known other than what the loading screen looks like (image below) and the fact that the mysterious mode is referred to as “Tomato.”

The SkinSpotlights profile reads that the author himself has no idea what exactly the “tomato mode” might be about, but he is betting that it will be related to the Scuttle Crab since the text “Scuttle Crab has dodged a skillshot!” appeared on the test server.

According to some LoL fans, this means that on the occasion of April Fool’s Day, something like a reworked King Poro will come to the game, but instead of him, the main character will be the Scuttle Crab. Is this true? Maybe. For the time being it is impossible to say anything 100%.

There are also those who believe that all these announcements are related to the aforementioned 2v2v2v2 mode, which perhaps around April 1 will have a slightly redesigned layout, making it “less serious”.