Rework of LoL’s Skarner proved too complicated. Riot admits it needs more time

How was Skarner’s refresh commented on in the latest video from the developers?

Skarner is a League of Legends hero that was released on August 9, 2011, almost 12 years ago. Today, it can’t be said that he is particularly popular. The champion’s poor situation has been going on for years and Riot is aware of this, which is why there has been talk of an upcoming rework for some time. Unfortunately, the work drags on and fans, even though they have been waiting for more information for several months, they have to wait for even more.

So far, the creators have made several statements about the character’s remake, and even some concept sketches have been shown. However, the work is stuck at a certain point and Riot admits that it needs some more time before officially releasing the rework on the servers.

Riot on Skarner

Skarner is currently in a peculiar situation, in which he won’t receive any major fixes due to the fact that his rework is waiting just around the corner. However, the developers report that the work will still take a while, so the character and his fans simply have to wait for the designers to share details about the update.

Now, even though Skarner is not a midscope, we wanted to give you an update today. Skarner has been taking us a while because, let’s face it, he has a lot of challenges. The Brackern, the crystals, the scorpion of it all. You know, none of these are super clear. None of these are really that compelling for players.

The developers admitted that they asked themselves what they really wanted to keep from his current skill set. They joked that they will leave spires, but you can tell by the irony in their voice that the new skill set is unlikely to have them.

So Skarner has been taking a little bit longer like I mentioned, and he’s going to come out later than we had hoped. But today we’re going to provide some more information on how it’s going. So we’ve got a blog coming out that will go into more of our high-level goals as well as some thinking about our game design changes, narrative updates and new art direction.

We will be able to learn definitely more about the rework from an entry that should be published soon. For the moment, however, it is known that work is underway, although it has been delayed somewhat by the degree of complexity in Skarner’s case.