Riot admits it should do another rework of the character that already had many of them

There are many different characters in LoL that just need a rework. Among them, there are also those that are in a losing position.

Some time ago we wrote about four characters that were not having a good time in LoL. Mainly because they are very strong on a professional level, so they cannot receive buffs normal players need to play them.

These characters were:

  • Ryze,
  • Azir,
  • Aphelios,
  • recently also Akali.

Among these heroes, there is one who, depending on how we count, has had 5 or 6 reworks (including mini-rework).

Will there be another record rework?

Ryze has always caused problems for developers. He was the main character of several of our articles. In the past, he was either banned because he was so OP, or nobody played him because he was so bad. The character has undergone many changes, and the developers have repeatedly admitted that they have no clear direction for Ryze.

Today, Ryze’s topic has appeared again, among other things, due to the statements of developers from several days ago. Lead character designer – Riot August – admitted that he thinks Ryze should get another rework.

(…) Characters like Ryze are only for pro play. The question for him is, do we do yet another rework to fix that? And I’d argue that in most cases we should (…)

Characters like Ryze must be bad, and that’s only because of the professional level of the game.


So Riot is aware that Ryze should undergo a rework, possibly start receiving larger and smaller changes, to finally bring him to a “healthy” place. The problem is that Ryze is a very specific character.

We already heard about changes 9 months ago. Relatively little has changed since then, mostly Riot has dealt with the hero’s bug fixes.

From what the developers say and write, Ryze and his next rework is probably to appear eventually, but the decision has not been and probably will not be made for a while. Riot is aware that the character must begin to change.