Riot accidentally showed a new rune in LoL. Full potential after repeating one activity 25 times

Riot revealed some information about the new rune in LoL.

As every year, the preseason is coming to League of Legends. The changes that go into the game are really big and sometimes terrify the community. We already know what the two new dragons look like and what they can do, but virtually nothing has been said about the runes at the moment. It is known that they are to change.

However, in one fragment of the video, an interesting Omnistone rune icon was noticed, which showed 0/25 statistics. What is it exactly about?

New rune in LoL

In a video from a few days ago, one employee said that the preseason runes would be slightly tweaked and changed. However, nearly no details were disclosed.

First of all, the path of Inspiration has not been very clear so far, and the Keystone rune in its case could be more versatile. For example, we’re planning to tweak the Glacial Upgrade’s ability to slow enemies.

Lethal Tempo is also undergoing changes, with an emphasis on attack speed and greater usability in the Precision tree.

However, players discovered something interesting during the presentation of dragons in the above-mentioned video. It turns out that Sona had the Omnistone rune, but with a numerator that shown “0/25”.

Nothing else is known at the moment. Additionally, we cannot focus too much on the Omnistone icon. Riot uses it in the testing phase, even if it is a completely different rune. As such, it’s hard to say what it will be doing and what those stacks are for. We do know, however, that the main task will be to perform one action 25 times to get the full potential of the rune.

Whether it was shown on purpose or by accident – it is difficult to say unequivocally. If it hadn’t been for the skilled eyes of the players, probably no one would have noticed it since Riot has completely failed to mention it.