Pentakill using a passive in LoL. Although it is difficult, this hero can do it

The amazing Pentakill in LoL with practically just a passive.

Probably every League of Legends player knows that in addition to the 4 basic skills on a given hero, there is also a well-matched passive. Therefore, it usually relies on something else. One strengthens attacks, the second gives movement speed, and the third… allows you to eliminate the entire enemy team.

This is the case of Lissandra, who has an unusual passive creating Frozen Watchers, which unexpectedly contributed to the very spectacular Pentakill.

Pentakill using a passive

One of the achievements of LoL players is to eliminate 5 opponents in one team fight and it is often not that easy. Especially if we play a mage and, after one combo, we have to wait to use our skills again.

However, there are characters who are able to eliminate the entire team only with a passive. Although it requires a lot of luck, it is not impossible. Reddit user Glimiar proved it:


As we can see, he managed to liquidate Shaco before his death, and his passive did all the rest. Additionally, as commenters claim, he should have bought Lux a good pizza, which, despite using a flash, came back to give the player a Penta kill.

It also shows how strong her passive is and that it is not worth ignoring because it can end up as unpleasant as in this situation.