Riot has not mentioned these changes to LoL for some reason, and they are now on the PBE

Changes to the test server that were not mentioned by the developers.

The pre-season update has just hit the League of Legends test servers. As everyone already knows, a lot will change in it, including dragons.

Although the developers included a lot of interesting information in the last video presenting the upcoming season break, they did not provide all the changes there. These were caught by players and as it turns out, there are a lot of them.

Preseason 2021

As every year, Riot Games changes many aspects of League of Legends during the break between seasons so that players do not quickly get bored of the title. This time it was mainly dragons and items. Although we already know most of the information about the changes, not everything has been presented. Especially when it comes to details.

However, they were collected by a Reddit user and there are a lot of them. It’s worth starting with the Air Dragon. Now it no longer provides the Ult Cooldown Reduction, but 3.5% out of combat movement speed and the same amount of slow resistance. The soul remains the same.

Everfrost has lost its value, now, instead of 3200 gold, we only have to spend 2800 on it and it no longer requires Kindleg to build it, which has been replaced by Ruby Crystal. Unfortunately, in return it gives 10 AP less (from 80 to 70) and only 10 AP for each legendary item (instead of 15).

Riot also mentioned camouflage zones, places where we will be invisible to enemies thanks to the Chemtech dragon. Although these places have been shown, they have not been identified precisely. Here’s what they look like:

Teleporters after the map would be taken over by the Hextech dragon were also mentioned. They will be located in these places:

Two items, Evenshroud and the Crown of the Shattered Queen (CotSQ) have also been added, here’s what they give and what they look like when upgraded by Ornn:

Remember that this is still PBE and everything can change, especially when it comes to detailed statistics.