One of the new items in LoL has an interesting easter egg that could mean something more

Jak’Sho easter Egg that few people are talking about. What went into the game along with the item?

Many computer games have small pieces of information hidden, which often only the more observant will notice. Due to the fact that a sizable pre-season update recently came to League of Legends, the developers had the opportunity to add these types of finds also known as easter eggs. One of them is related to a new item, and players are looking for a second meaning here. What exactly is it about and what the detail discovered by players can herald?

Jak’Sho, The Protean easter egg

Among the new items that have made their way into League of Legends is a mythical item – Jak’Sho, The Protean. The item is capable of both enhancing the defensive and offensive capabilities of the bearer, and quickly became a must-have item for a huge number of heroes, even leading to heroes who were previously underperforming to start dominating the meta.

The situation has now been relatively brought under control, but Jak’Sho remains one of the most popular mythic items while having the fourth highest winrate. It turns out that the item is interesting not only for its power but also for a certain tidbit that Riot has secretly introduced into the game.

It turns out that if a player manages to finish a match without a single death with the item in question in his inventory this one will consider the hero worthy and decide to kill him.


The character dies, and a message appears on the chat that the item has deemed the player worthy and absorbed his strength. The interaction has no effect on the match and is only a curiosity or information that Riot subtly wanted to convey to the community. Some users momentarily associated it with Sett, which recognized a player as worthy and gave him a business card when the player managed to get first blood 10 times.

The Jak’Sho graphic shows the character’s head with a helmet made of a creature that resembles Kai’Sa’s second skin. The item’s description also hints at something like this.

He was called many things. An armored helmet. A second skin. A living tomb…

Another clue may be the name of the item when it is upgraded by Ornn. The Unspoken Parasite, which was called Icathia’s Endurance during the testing phase, seems to confirm the thesis as to how the Jak’Sho storyline is a parasite that possesses its host. The creature deems a character who has not died during the game worthy, taking his life.

Players think the interaction may mean something more. Riot has a habit of announcing new champions or events in a peculiar way, and a bunch of fans are hoping for the same this time. Whether the discovered tidbit is related in any way to the upcoming launch or event is impossible to confirm at this point, and it remains to wait for further information from the developers.