Neeko’s highly anticipated changes from League of Legends have been postponed. What is known at this point?

The rioter responsible for Neeko’s mini-rework reports that the work is being extended.

Neeko is another character on the list to receive a skill set update. However, her release has been slightly delayed while Riot works to complete the final touches.

Syndra’s mini-rework has only just hit the servers, and soon fans will be able to enjoy a revamped Neeko, who has been a bit of an outlier lately both on the midline and as a support.

What is known about Neeko’s changes?

One of the main characteristics of the heroine in question is her ability to change into any ally and create a clone that will run in a given direction. Initially, a really interesting possibility over time began to stand off – players learned to distinguish Neeko’s clone from real heroes, and numerous errors in the heroine’s skill set did not help.

Despite this, the character has its share of fans. Her play rate fluctuates around 2%, and her win rate is around 51%. Outside of her loyal mains, the heroine doesn’t get much attention. This is something that Riot wanted to address with the release of the update in question.

We saw really great responses to these projects and healthy play rate spikes after their release. We want to keep pursuing mid-scope updates, and we already have a few champions we’re exploring including Neeko.

Although Neeko fans are already looking forward to seeing her update on the servers, one Rioter reported that the character will have to wait for a while longer.

I’ve gotten lots of questions about the Neeko midscope timeline/release date. All I can say is that she’s still a little while out since the strongest tomatoes take the longest to ripen.

It is known that a considerable priority is to provide the heroine with flexibility with regard to the role she chooses. She is supposed to perform well both as a top or mid laner, as well as in a support position. In addition, she should also cope as a mage in the lower lane, since this is the intention with which Riot designed her.

Patch 12.20 has already hit the test servers, and the lack of mention of Neeko makes one suggest that it’s not yet time for her update. In addition, pre-season news is coming to League of Legends soon. The mini-rework will probably appear in one of the next patches – even before the introduction of the preseason.