Nami main from LoL made such a perfect ult that he himself was shocked. He’s been playing her for 10 years, and he only managed to do it once

Nami player, who has more than a million mastery points on her, played so perfectly that he conquered Reddit with his action.

The super abilities of League of Legends heroes, also known simply as ults, can usually mess up quite a bit in team fights. That’s why it’s so important to use them at the right time. If R is an area-of-effect skill, all the more reason to want it to hit as many enemies as possible.

One player with a bit of luck used a perfect ult, which thwarted the plans of the opposing team. Something like that will be really hard to repeat. What exactly happened?

Nami’s perfect ult from LoL

In a clip posted on Reddit, one Nami player used his super-skill while fighting a dragon. It turned out that the moment he chose was perfect, as he hit four enemies who were lurking behind a wall and wanted to jump over it using an explosive jungle plant.

Almost the entire enemy team figured they would jump over the wall and steal the dragon, and then maybe defeat the other players at it as well. When one member of the blue team destroyed the plant, Nami’s wave hit the entire group at the perfect moment, stopping them behind the wall of the drake’s den.


Moments later, the allied Shyvana claimed the dragon and killed two opponents. It is unclear how the battle would have turned out if not for Nami’s excellent ult, which stopped the enemies.

The author of the video noted that he is a big fan of the heroine and has been playing her since her release in 2012. As of this moment, he has more than one million mastery points on her. The player admitted that something like this had never happened to him before.

The clip quickly became popular and in just a few hours garnered about 10,000 positive reactions.