More League of Legends leaks. What regions will the newest heroes come from?

There are new leaks related to the characters that will appear on Summoner’s Rift in 2023.

A new year has recently begun, and the next season of League of Legends is already starting on January 10. Not surprisingly, the LoL community is wondering what will be added to the game in the coming months. As we know, the developers regularly release new heroes, and this year will be no different.

What is known about the upcoming characters? It turns out that the latest leaks are related to them. What regions will the new champions come from?

New leaks from League of Legends

A few days ago, the appearance of thumbnails and titles of upcoming videos from the creators of League of Legends were revealed. However, this is not the end of the news. Special attention should be paid to the leak related to the upcoming LoL characters.

A well-known leaker in the game community – ChowZ – wrote a tweet in which he informed where the future champions who will be added to the game on PC come from.

The list of regions looks as follows:

  • Ixtal,
  • Shurima,
  • Noxus,
  • Ionia.

The leaker also added short descriptions of the upcoming heroes or the regions they will come from. Players have linked them to some previously published graphics.

Ixtal – Fire Support

Darkin – Many Eyes

Noxus – Black Castle

Ionia – Tall house

Finally, it is worth mentioning a leak about the next skins. It turns out that the old “cute series” will return to the game. What’s more, it was reported that a skin with a cute theme is to got to a “naughty hero”. Gamers predict that perhaps the theme is Cafe Cuties or the Cats vs. Dogs universe, which was created on the occasion of an April Fools’ Day event.