Many LoL players have waited for Riot to do this. Chemtech Rift changes are being tested

The Chemtech Rift is getting the changes players have been waiting for.

In preseason 2022, two new dragons were introduced to League of Legends, which the community didn’t quite like. Especially the latter, the Chemtech, whose not only has an exaggerated soul, but also the map it creates.

At least, that’s the impression the players who criticize it. Now, this is about to change a bit due to the camouflage nerfs that developers are introducing on the PBE.

The Chemtech Rift gets changes

The dragons rework that came to Summoner’s Rift a few years ago shocked the players. They have finally become meaningful and worth fighting for. Now, in late 2021, Riot has gone all out and added two more related to the premiere of Arcane on Netflix. While the Hextech Dragon representing Piltover is not too OP, the Zaun one – Chemtech – is not positively perceived by the community.

Players say that his soul allowing him to use all abilities and Summoner Spells is exaggerated and the map he creates is “not playable”. Now, when things have quieted down a bit and the next season of struggles has officially started, the Chemtech Rift is to receive changes. It has already appeared on the test server and if all goes as planned, it will hit the game on Thursday, January 20.

  • Zone damage increased from 10% to 12%.
  • Camouflage duration increased from 1.5 seconds to 2.5 seconds.

As we can see, the damage has been increased by 2%, but the camouflage is applied much longer. This means that we will see the opponent trying to sneak up on us longer. Remember that this is still a PBE and the change does not have to go to the official servers in the end.