LoL’s new ping system was not to the liking of players. “Almost no one uses it”

The ping changes in League of Legends have been received rather moderately. Fans say that hardly anyone uses the new forms of communication.

As most LoL players probably know, Riot recently introduced new pings that were supposed to help better communicate with the team. It all sounded good in theory, but in practice, it worked out quite differently. To make matters worse, one of the pings got a very bad name pretty quickly and began to be used in toxic ways. Riot intervened in the matter and slightly redesigned the controversial graphic of the aforementioned ping, but this did not help much.

Today, after the introduction of the news, players have commented on it. It turns out that quite a lot of people do not use the new option at all. Did the developers’ idea turn out to be completely wrong?

New pings in League of Legends

It has been known for a long time that not all of Riot’s ideas turn out to be a hit. Sometimes a novelty is so bad or annoying that the developers have to retract it or cancel its release even before it is released on live servers.

As for the new ping wheel, some people had a fairly good opinion of it, while many said they were completely indifferent to the changes.

It’s been a while since the new features were introduced, so the community can tell how much they use it and whether the very idea of making the wheel more interesting was successful.

There was a thread on Reddit about pings, in which it was stated that the new options are practically unused and therefore unnecessary.

I see almost no one actively use the new ping system. Just something that I noticed. Almost no one is actively using it as intended. The bait ping is used as a rope sometimes but apart from that I don’t see them used.

I also don’t really use them myself except when I accidentally ping something wrong. I had hoped this would be better as people got used to it, but we are now in mid-February and people are still not using it at all in my experience.

From the comments, it seems that many players agree with the author of the post. This was explained by the fact that after many years of playing LoL, fans have developed muscle memory and choose the old pings out of habit. It was also pointed out that during dynamic battles, more choices are not at all useful, and then one also relies on what one is used to over the years.