LoL players point out a few issues with the new Steel Valkyrie skins. What is it about?

How does the League of Legends community feel about the latest skins for Camille, Janna, Lucian, and Nasus?

A few days ago, it was revealed that the newest skins in LoL will be from the Steel Valkyrie series, which will go to 4 heroes, and one of them will also receive a Prestige edition. The skins were received fairly average.

Why? Some people think they have some problems that make them difficult to consider as particularly good cosmetic additives. What exactly does the community dislike?

Issues with the new Steel Valkyrie skins

Players have already familiarized themselves with the splash art and models of the latest skins from the Steel Valkyrie series. What’s the biggest problem with it? It turns out that, according to some, skins do not stand out from others, and even follow certain known patterns.

Repeatability of the theme

The community noticed that the new skins are based on futuristic aesthetics, and thus are quite similar to the skins from the PROJECT or Program universe. One of the players wrote:

I don’t know why I expected better when these skins were leaked in PBE, but I guess expecting uniqueness from a futuristic skin is too much. Actually, thats not true, there is one exception in this batch specifically that I’ll talk about later, but first lets look at the main problems of the group: Steel Valkyrie Camille and Lucian. What is the problem with them? Well… they’re way too similar to previous robot/future-themed skins these champions had before, they feel like glorified chromas. Their costumes are different, but are too generic to be told apart and their effects are very generic as well.

SV and Program Camille can be told apart if you squint a bit, but you need to get a zoom if you want to tell SV, Pulsefire and Project Lucian, besides their colors, those skins just feel like “generic future space armor”. They would be unique if there was only one of them, but now, its three. Its not the first time they do this, Pantheon had this issue (Full Metal and Pulsefire), Ekko had this issue (Project and Pulsefire), Fiora had this issue (Project and Pulsefire), they look so generic that they blend together easily.

I wouldn’t mind the “different themes” if champions who had none of it were the ones getting it, like Janna got SV, but the others are just getting more of the same, what is the point?

Selection of champions

League of Legends players have also focused on the characters that will receive the latest skins from the Steel Valkyrie series. In their opinion, the choice of Riot is a bit strange. As the name of the series suggests, it includes Valkyries. Who were they? In Norse mythology, these were the lesser goddesses, daughters of Odin, usually depicted as beautiful warriors riding winged horses, armed with spears and shields.

According to the players, it is a really strange decision to choose the male champions for this series. One of the players wrote:

Why are there males included in the series? Throughout all of the Valkyrie lore, there hasn’t been a single male Valkyrie. I find it super odd that they included males into this skinline. I can think of so many female champs that deserve a Valkyrie skinline.

It is worth recalling that a similar problem occurred with the last edition of Coven skins. Then there were also voices that the inclusion of male characters was a mistake (including Warwick’s), since the name of the universe itself indicates a coven of witches. Ultimately, Riot changed the names of the men’s skins, and although they are still added to the series, their name is not associated with witches and the coven.

There is no confusing name for the new skins, as there is no mention of “Valkyrie” in the title of a Lucian or Nasus skins. However, this does not change the fact that for many players Riot’s decision is quite strange.