LoL players are surprised that Riot hasn’t changed this yet. What exactly is the issue?

Players are not happy that Riot does not allow you to set any language on every server.

League of Legends has been on the market for a really long time, and since its release, a lot of standards have been introduced in the game industry, which are taken into account in practically every new production. LoL’s developers are doing their best to incorporate missing features into the game, but fans constantly come across something that they miss.

This time it’s about available languages. In most games, players have complete freedom when it comes to setting languages. No matter what region of the world they are in, fans can choose any of the available translations. League, however, has always had the problem of limiting them depending on which region the client is set to.

Language in LoL

Currently, in League of Legends, specific languages are assigned to a server. For example, you can only play in Polish on EUNE, and you can’t choose English on Korean servers. The problem affects professional players, among others, who are forced to play in a language they don’t speak, which can make it difficult to practice when they participate in championships that don’t take place in their region.

The problem is also significant for ordinary players, for whom it is weird that they cannot choose a language they know on a foreign server.

I am an American who had to move to Korea because I am in the military, I am not able to play on Korean servers because I don’t have required paperwork to make a league account.

Not a big deal since I can create an account for the Japanese servers. I get into the client and its all in Japanese, as expected. Also not a big deal since I can just change the langu-

Can someone PLEASE explain to me why there is no option to change the language in game? it absolutely makes no sense to me and it is completely alienating to players like me, and people who might be learning a language but aren’t able to comprehend complicated this like league yet.

What’s more, the user compares League to Valorant, writing that Riot’s newer production completely lacks this problem and sets the language to that of the client.

Also cited is the option to change the language of news, which is only available in Europe. In no other region can LoL fans set a different translation for the news card than the one set for the entire League.

The funniest thing (for me) about this is, that in Europe for obvious reasons it is possible to change language, both for news and the rest. Though to be fair, my language options are limited to 5, pretty much the countrys considered as “EUW”. So I couldnt even choose polish or something like it for that matter here even though its the best available server for them, especially for pros.

Its just another weird shenanigans like their worlds format, where they do it better in their own other games but for some reason dont change it in lol itself, despite it being easy and prooven to be possible.

Despite Riot’s ability to introduce functionality that fans lack, as demonstrated by the studio’s other productions, League of Legends is often overlooked. The developers will most likely look into the basic functionality that players have been writing about, but many fans are unhappy that LoL doesn’t allow you to change something as basic as setting your preferred game language.