LoL patch 13.1. Riot reveals its plans for the first update in 2023

What might change in the next full League of Legends update?

The developers of League of Legends have already revealed who and what will be included in the last update that will come out this year. Patch 12.23b will contain only necessary fixes, after which the developers will go on a Christmas break. Included in it are fixes for Rammus and Udyr, among others, who are doing far too well on the live servers at the moment.

The designer has already announced not only plans for patch 12.23b, but also the first update of the next season – 13.1. What changes will hit LoL at the beginning of next year?

Changes for patch 13.1

Matt “Phroxzon” Leung-Harrison, the chief designer at League, has shared a short list of fixes that the developers would like to release early next year. The changes are expected to touch items such as Rod of Ages, Jak’Sho, The Protean, Seraph’s Embrace and Radiant Virtue.

Some additional things that need more time and are coming (hopefully) early next year.

  • ROA Satisfaction
  • Making Jak’Sho neutral on tanks and weaker on fighters (esp 2nd, fine 3rd or 2nd if snowball)
  • Seraph’s Embrace changes
  • Radiant Virtue broadening (strong on some users, but narrow)

Rioter didn’t say exactly what the changes to each item should look like, but their adjustments are definitely needed because of how much they have affected the meta. Yak’Sho or The Protean have quickly become some of the strongest items for bruisers and top and jungle fighters, such as Rammus, Zac, Dr. Mundo, and Warwick. Thanks to them, the aforementioned heroes have some of the highest win rates in the entire League.

Another major item to receive changes is the Rod of Ages, which returned to LoL as a mythic option for mages such as Anivia and Kassadin. The item, however, does not necessarily meet the expectations of the developers and all players, and the designers are working on fixes to change that. According to commentators, the item should do something more, as it compares poorly with other mythic items.

For RoA: since its a mythic now, the passive heal should actually DO SOMETHING. compare it to sunderer dealing 10k and healing 10k every game.. why does RoA heal 15 per cast (if you have at least 70 mana cost) ?

One of the new items introduced in the preseason that is not as popular as others is Radiant Virtue. Riot realizes this and intends to change it to make it a solid option for more heroes.

The fixes are scheduled to arrive on January 4, but when they will hit the live servers will not be revealed until later. Balancing the planned changes will certainly take some time, and given that Riot will be on Christmas break, they probably won’t have time to test them thoroughly by then.