LoL patch 11.20 – Who gets nerfs and who gets buffs? We know the plans for the next update

Rioter revealed what the next League of Legends update will bring.

Like every patch, one of the Rioters released a preliminary list of changes to be expected in League of Legends Update 11.20. Currently, a large part of the community is thinking only about the theme of the 2021 World Cup, but it is worth paying attention to how the future plans for balancing the game are presented. So far, only general information has been provided about who will get nerfs and buffs.

Six heroes will be hit by nerfs in the upcoming update and five characters will be buffed. In addition, the creators have announced that the item called Lord Dominik’s Regards will be weakened and that the Smite healing will be additionally nerfed.

As you can see, the list of changes does not seem long, although it is not known how big the changes of individual champions will be.

Buffs and nerfs for patch 11.20

Riot Phlox wrote in a message announcing the upcoming changes:

Now that worlds is locked in we’re back to a more normal patch. We’re following up on a few changes that overshot a bit and otherwise doing some adjustments for soloq champs.

System nerfs

  • Lord Dominik’s Regards
  • Smite’s healing

Champions’ nerfs

  • Taliyah (jungle)
  • Amumu
  • Singed
  • Jarvan IV
  • Irelia
  • Shen

Champions’ buffs

  • Senna
  • Darius
  • Elise
  • Hecarim
  • Udyr