LoL is the most watched game on Twitch in July. Valorant and GTA 5 were also on the podium

League of Legends ranks number one in the most-watched games on Twitch.

Fortnite times are long gone, which can be clearly seen in the results on Twitch. The game is currently in 7th place and is still losing. However, the results of League of Legends are much better.

Riot’s game grew 3% in July, which is over 121 million hours watched. In addition, Valorant was also on the podium and was watched by just over a million hours less.

Riot is taking over the Twitch podium

After the high popularity of Fortnite for many years, there was even a rumor among players that League of Legends is slowly dying on Twitch and people are not so eager to watch streamers’ struggles and often only come for Worlds, the largest tournament. It turns out that the truth is slightly different and in July viewers spent the most time on this game (not counting the Just Chatting category here).

The second title that was also about to die is Valorant. This, surprisingly, also got on the podium and took 2nd place ahead of Grand Theft Auto V by half a million watched hours. The entire ranking looks like this:

  1. League of Legends: 121,287,274 (+3.0%)
  2. Valorant: 120,711,351 (+18.6%)
  3. Grand Theft Auto V: 120,058,715 (+13.9%)
  4. Apex Legends: 55,445,378 (+10.5%)
  5. Minecraft: 53,738,426 (+34.4%)
  6. Counter-Strike Global Offensive: 51,096,287 (-9.5%)
  7. Fortnite: 47,525,559 (-8.4%)
  8. Dota 2: 45,268,112 (+13.0%)
  9. Fall Guys: 44,925,324 (+83.8%)
  10. Escape from Tarkov: 38,628,111 (+127.2%)

Escape from Tarkov made the biggest progress. It increased by 127% and the hype of players for this production is still growing.