Is there a Loser Queue in LoL? Riot reveals information about the legendary loser queue

The Loser Queue is a mythical queue where players who lose ranked games go. Does it really exist?

League of Legends is shrouded in many legends and mysteries. One of them is the mysterious Loser Queue, which goes to players who lose more games than normal. There is even a special website to check if a player is on it.

However, it turns out that this is not entirely true. This was explained by a Riot Games employee on a community forum.

Loser Queue does not exist

Riot has many secrets that it keeps exclusively to itself. Because of this, League of Legends players don’t quite know how the ranking queue works. Thus, many legends and myths are created and even websites that analyze recent matches and show MMR or presence in Loser Queue – the secret queue for losers.

If a particular player loses several or more matches in a row or has a negative Win Rate, he goes to the queue for the same people. On the opposite team, there are already “normal” players with good statistics. At least that’s how it looks in theory. How is it in practice? It turns out that there is no such thing as a Loser Queue. At least this is the information revealed by Riot Auberaun in response to a player’s post on Reddit.

It seems that in fact the developers have not hidden anything from the players and there are still only two types of queues in LoL. One for normal players and the other for smurfs, with which there is also a lot of controversy. So you can boldly lose matches without worrying about getting on the losers’ team.